Reasons for Using a Realtor

1. To maximize the sale price
For sale by owners typically settle for just "a buyer" versus real estate agents who bring "the best buyer" by creating competition throughout the agent community for the property.

2. To attract more qualified buyers
Real estate agents and the many other real estate companies they cooperate with, strive to bring sellers only qualified buyers, thus avoiding the problems which result from unscreened buyers.

3. To secure a professionally trained real estate negotiator
Home sellers benefit when a trained professional negotiates the highest possible price by "objectively" and enthusiastically "selling" the value of the property.

4. To access a networking System
Real estate professionals network properties within the real estate community, an essential element in the successful sale of any home.

5. Real estate professionals provide buyers with vital lifestyle related information
Buyers seek to make informal decisions and demand a significantly high level of "contextual" information related to their purchase (ie: zoning, community, school information and discourses)

6. Easy accessibility to a respected real estate professional
Buyers are typically quite leery of contacting or intruding upon homeowners they don't know. This is especially true with out-of-area buyers.

7. To guard against misrepresentation and litigation.
In today's litigious society it becomes imperative that all matters relating to the sale of the property, i.e. physically conditions, history, zoning etc. be accurately and comprehensively disclosed. Realtors posses a repository of knowledge and of necessary information which provide comfort to buyers, sellers and their attorneys.

8.  Real Estate professional are available and present property "Professionally"
With today's technology, Internet etc. real estate professional are available and moreover are trained to present property professionally and objectively. Buyers become suspicious of homeowner's subjective zealousness as it is interpreted as overselling or defensiveness.

9. To Ensure privacy, confidentiality, safety ad security for both sellers and buyers
And all that it entails

10. To access a professional Realtor/Buyer contract program
When a homeowner calls a buyer back, it's viewed as a negotiation weakness and/or diminishes buyer interest, whereas a real estate professional's follow-up is viewed by buyers as inevitable and welcomed, certainly not as a weakness of the homeowner.